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Established in the year 2015, we, Cresco Engineers Private Limited is a leading Industrial Process Automation Company. We are expertise in Machine automation and system integration for Lyophilizers, Vial washing, Filling and other process equipments.
At Cresco Engineers, we specialize in developing highly reliable and intuitive control systems for machinery manufacturers. With hundreds of years of combined team experience, we are experts at getting our clients exactly what they need. What sets us apart from other automation companies is that we work directly with the supply chain to ensure the latest and greatest on your product. We also handle all aspects of production under one roof. This guarantees that your product will be finished faster and be more reliable as we are able to hand-select the components we use without the risks associated with outsourcing materials and manufacturing. To put it simply, your project is in the hand of industry-leading experts from design to installation.
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  • Re-Innovation:
  • Old machinery shows. Sometimes in the wear and tear, and sometimes in the outdated or inefficient way it functions. This can often affect the final products that the machine produces, while overcomplicating the way it operates. At Automation Solutions, we can bring your old tools into the modern day by replacing old mechanical parts and outfitting them with cutting-edge technological improvements, as well as create custom control interfaces to improve and accelerate the operation experience. .


The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving and growing. With the frequent development of new technologies, companies need to adapt and find ways to harness that technology for maximum efficiency. Subsequently, the automation & manufacturing companies that provide pharmaceutical systems and services are constantly improving their capabilities to support. Companies that grasp these initiatives and implement solutions stand to gain the largest advantage, allowing them to operate faster, more cost-efficient and fully compliant.


Global biotech companies face unprecedented challenges that include time and cost to bring products to market, increased competition, regulatory compliance, quality and production efficiencies. For every challenge in biotech, there is a technology solution: a smart, connected plant built on an integrated, flexible, information-enabled automation system. This approach delivers business value through: Accelerated product introductions Reduced cost of compliance "Right-first-time" release Reduced cycle times


Hospital automation could turn out as a revolutionary technology that permits you to automate and manage all the important parts of your hospital like medical, financial, administrative, legal and compliance, Outpatients and inpatient management, online scheduling, Doctor and patients portals, Accounting, HR/Payroll,Pharmacy,Laboratory,Radiology, Inventory, Mobile Apps,Blood Bank,Alert system,Feedback,Lab Machines,BioMetric Integration,HVAC,Lighting,Security,ETC, from your smartphone eliminating paperwork resulting in time-saving.

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